A Concerting I Go

I am far from being a music critic, but I know what I like. I spent most of my life immersed in a rainbow of sounds and rhythms. Some I loved, some I’d rather not experience again, thank you. After a whirlwind of four Dragon Concerts (Julie Caitlin Brown, Bill Mumy, Voltaire and Green Goblin) on Friday night, I quickly determined my likes and dislikes.

Each of the performers gave me something to appreciate. I delighted in the alto sounds rolling from Brown; I aspire to play a guitar with such passion like Mumy; I long for the “I don’t care if you like any of this” attitude of Green Goblin, and I strive to exhibit the charismatic stage presence of Voltaire.

Overall, my hat goes off to Voltaire for pulling the best performance. Nice voice, nice lyrics, great guitar manipulation. Besides, I like a guy willing to harass and cheer his audience as he intones the words “I Am Going To Hell In a Hand Basket” sung to the tune of “When the Saints Come Marching In.” Oh, did I mention his warped sense of humor?

Of course, Brown was no slacker either. She doesn’t have a wide vocal range, but what range she has, she is willing to use in full as she covers a popular southern song that this Yankee was not familiar with but thoroughly enjoyed.

Mumy won me over three chords into his first song, “She’ll Never Know”. I fell, headfirst, into his strumming and refused to open my eyes until I was sure the last note was gone. Who knew the crew of Babylon 5 (Brown and Mumy) were so multitalented?

Green Goblin has hope and talent, and a quality drummer (more solos please!).

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