McCaffrey Fans Say Hello

A lucky few managed to squeeze into the pre-registration line for Dragon*Con 2003 on Thursday evening. With nothing to do and too much line to stand in, they were more than willing to be distracted by a few questions regarding Anne McCaffrey, creator of the world of Pern as well as other popular book series and short stories.

Alvin Harrison, 13-year D*C attendee, remembers reading Pern stories as a child. “It was the first trilogy I ever read.”

One fan, Vicki Stephens, has gone so far as to name her condo in the woods, “Dragonwood,” in honor of her love of the Pern series. She also collects dragons and definitely admits that the Robin Wood adaptation of the Pern series makes Master Robinton “gorgeous.”

McCaffrey’s writing appeals to youngsters and adults alike. Dragonsong, book one in the Harper Hall trilogy, was the first book Mary Kate, 13-years old, read. She loves fire lizards.

Lisa Atkinson (Rivercon survivor) started in the middle of the Harper Hall series and thanks Anne: “You gave me a wonderful place to go during a troubling childhood. I used to imagine that I was protecting the house from thread while mowing the lawn.”

Be sure to catch Anne McCaffrey during her appearances throughout the convention.

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