Adult Swim Drowns Dragon*Con With Kindness

The panel started a little late due to the fact many attendees wanted to see what Adult Swim had to offer, so the Dragon*Con organizers decided to move it to the larger Centennial ballroom.

Starting with a compilation DVD, attendees were happy to see clips from upcoming episodes of Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman, as well as peeks at new shows such as an adaptation The Boondocks, Stroker and Hoop, Squidbillies, Minoriteam, Lucy: Daughter of the Devil, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and 12 Oz. Mouse which was described by producers as “A David Lynch fever dream drawn by an autistic child.”

However, the audience primarily focused on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, for which fans enjoyed a clip from the upcoming movie. Show producers Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis discussed the film saying they had no idea when it would be finished, since a script rewrite a couple months prior set their schedule back. They are looking to create four 35mm prints to show at college campuses and will proceed further if initial showings do well. The producers mentioned doing their own voice work along with other non-union actors. Screen Actors Guild members have been used, but they couldn’t be identified due to union rules.

Adult Swim producer Kim Manning mentioned new episodes of InuYasha are currently being broadcast until the end of the year; the remaining ones will be completed during 2006. She also indicated the 2nd season of Venture Brothers is in production. Chip Duffey of announced the launch of Friday Night Fix, streaming shows on Friday evenings before their Sunday viewings. Initial series will be Stroker & Hoop, and Harvey Birdman

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