’05 Features

Asian Cinema Night

While the DCI Film Festival’s screenings are dominated by the many excellent short films submitted for competition, they do make room for a limited number of feature-length independent films. This year, the DCI Film Festival will be screening two of the hottest Asian films: The Japanese horror picture, Marebito (Stranger From Afar), and the South Korean supernatural thriller Spider Forest… Read more →

Art Show: A Must See

Each year many talented artists are selected to display their work at the Dragon*Con Art Show. The themes are science fiction, fantasy, horror, media, and astronomical, created in styles and media so diverse and unique that the works on display will impress viewers in a multitude of ways. Meet the legendary Darrell K Sweet, probably best known for his cover… Read more →

King Kong: The Re-Imagining of an American Classic

KongIsKing.net, sister site to TheOneRing.net, presented a detailed analysis of the King Kong movie trailer released to coincide with this summers’ War of the Worlds.  Scheduled for release December 14th, 2005, this film is the iconic story of a gigantic ape captured in the wild and brought to civilization where he meets a tragic fate. The movie stars Jack Black… Read more →

Do the Art Crawl

We’re only a few days away from the debut of Dragon*Con’s newest tradition, the ART CRAWL! The ART CRAWL is an independent show of artists and their wares at Dragon*Con. We have everything from fine art to fan art. We have 2D and 3D. We even have a gypsy tarot reader Saturday night! Saturday, the ART CRAWL will be in… Read more →

Parading Through Atlanta

An unnerving thing happened to me on the way to the Dragon*Con Parade. No wait for the elevator should have alerted me, but I may have still let Harry Potter’s Snape be my guide. Snape, admittedly, did not know the gathering point’s location either, but exited the elevator striding, taking a left and then another left out of the Hyatt… Read more →

Adult Swim Drowns Dragon*Con With Kindness

The panel started a little late due to the fact many attendees wanted to see what Adult Swim had to offer, so the Dragon*Con organizers decided to move it to the larger Centennial ballroom. Starting with a compilation DVD, attendees were happy to see clips from upcoming episodes of Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman, as well as peeks at new… Read more →

No More Calling on Tru

Tru won’t be responding to any more pleas from dead bodies in the morgue. Fans who gathered Friday to commemorate and mourn the demise of Tru Calling agreed they have little hope of a resurrection, even if Tru could turn back the clock again. “We’re small, but we’re loyal. There are just not enough of us,” said a resigned Lilly… Read more →