Ve Vant Your Blood

After two major operations and multiple blood transfusions, Robert Heinlein started his convention blood drives in 1976 at WorldCon in Kansas City. He would only talk to or sign autographs for people who had donated blood. Since that start in ‘76, it has become a tradition at many sci-fi conventions.

Dragon*Con has an auspicious blood donating history. Last year, about 280 people were accepted out of 350 for donations. In contrast, other conventions average 80-150 units, with WorldCon managing 200, as did the Robert Heinlein Centennial celebration held earlier this year in Kansas, MO. Dragon*Con’s target this year is 400 to 500 units.


This year’s givers will each receive

  • A unique t-shirt
  • A plastic sword
  • A pin designed by Heinlein himself
  • A memorial Joe Murphy ribbon.

And the satisfaction of having saved four or five lives.

Convention-goers can choose to donate whole blood or plasma.

A person can donate plasma once a week and whole blood every six weeks. ALL blood types are needed, but negative types are needed the most urgently. If you have A-, B-, or AB-, please make a special effort to come by.

LifeSouth will once again be our hosts, Magnolia (Marriott).

Donate now. If you don’t, there may not be any to receive.

Blood Drive Hours

  • Fri 12PM-6PM
  • Sat 9AM-6PM
  • Sun 9AM-6PM
  • Mon 10AM-6PM

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After a lifetime of science fiction and fantasy influences, the last twenty of which have been spent in IT, Geoff Termorshuizen is applying for his Ph.D. in Strategic Security after finishing a B.A in Political Science and M.Sc.'s in Cyber Security and MIS. He currently works as a technical consultant for ACI Worldwide, supporting security and financial payment systems. You can find him at Con either at the the DailyDragon room, or via the EFF track where he has presented panels on digital forensics, privacy, cyberwar, surveillance and technology related politics.