’07 D*C News

Ve Vant Your Blood

After two major operations and multiple blood transfusions, Robert Heinlein started his convention blood drives in 1976 at WorldCon in Kansas City. He would only talk to or sign autographs for people who had donated blood. Since that start in ‘76, it has become a tradition at many sci-fi conventions.

Enjoying Q&A Panels at Dragon*Con

There are a lot of tracks, guests, and panels to see here at Dragon*Con, and some of the most popular panels are the celebrity guest Q&A panels. Since it can sometimes get a little overwhelming when trying to figure out how and what to ask, we have compiled a handy list of some DOs and don’ts to keep in mind… Read more →

Space & Science Track Mitosis

This year, Dragon*Con’s Space & Science track split into two separate tracks, with double the number of topics and panels! The Science track brings back the Mythbuster’s Build Team; Kari, Grant, and Tory return with more stories of MythBusting Mayhem Sat 11:30AM, Regency VI & VII, as well as programming from the skeptic community. Don’t miss the throw down: “Skeptics… Read more →

Dragon*Con Parade Last Call!

Dragon*Con’s in full swing when downtown Atlanta is invaded by hordes of aliens, princesses, wizards, and warriors. Come be part of the 6th Annual Dragon*Con Parade. We’re expecting a bigger and better parade than last year’s, which had almost 1,400 costumed participants and over 45 themed vehicles.