Feltbeat’s Army Invades Dragon*Con

Want to belong to an international organization dedicated to protecting and promoting Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)?  Join Feltbeat’s Army, a fan group started by Misha in Illinois.  According to members, this is the only fan group officially endorsed by Felton.

What will your duties be?  Well, besides the requisite adoration, you’ll actively support Felton’s career.  For instance, when he mentioned that he wanted a photo shoot with Kai Z. Feng, a photographer from Shainghai who currently live in Great Britain, recruits sprang into action.  They contacted Mr. Feng, who agreed to do the shoot.  Their reward?  Sometimes when Tom twitters, he adds photos from the shoot.  I hear they’re drool-worthy.

To celebrate Felton’s 22nd birthday this month, army members baked a cake—replete with Tom playing his guitar under a frosted tree.  You can check it out while waiting in line at Registration in the Sheraton.  (Rumor has it that Felton might drop by to see it, too.)

Army members also support Felton’s music career.  Yes, he’s a guitarist/musician as well as an actor.  In fact, Feltbeat’s Army got its name from some music videos he recorded with a group of friends and posted on YouTube.  His latest CD, “In Good Hands,” released 10 Mar 2009, is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Feltbeat’s Army wants you!  Ready to heed the call?  Check out feltbeats.com for more information.

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