MMORPG Triad of Triumph

Join the MMORPG Track for a trio of events celebrating the best of the best in MMO fandom!

World of Warcraft Costume Contest

Are you Azeroth’s Next Top Model? Our all-star panel of judges will be on-hand on Friday at 7PM in the Crystal Ballroom (Hilton) to help you find out. Pre-judging begins at 5:30 in Grand Salon E (Hilton).

The 5th Annual Quest for the Bling Gnome (MMO Trivia)

The Bling Gnome—hideously ugly to some, a symbol of achievement for others. He is the Geek’s Stanley Cup, and he only comes out once a year at Dragon*Con. Show off your knowledge of MMO games with your fellow teammates and become immortalized on the Bling Gnome’s throne for the inspiration of future generations of hardcore MMO geeks. As always, we’ll have prizes and swag to give away, courtesy of our friends at Guild Launch. But the real prize is the proof that you have pwned a room full of noobs, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Sat 2:30PM, Grand Salon E (Hilton).

Guild Launch Presents: The Dragon*Slayer Awards

DC*MMO and Guild Launch want to celebrate the great, and especially the not-so-great, moments in MMO Public Relations and Customer Service. Did Ghostcrawler promise you a moose? Did your favorite MMO studio spend months hyping a new release only to see their servers crash on launch day? Did they turn around and give all the players a free month’s worth of game time as a way of apologizing? The Dragon*Slayer Awards recognize those who go the extra mile as well as those who didn’t make it very far out of the gate.

Unlike most industry awards where overpaid talking heads stand on stage and congratulate themselves on their own success, DC*MMO and Guild Launch have come up with an awards show “For Fans, By Fans.” There’s no need to worry about lame categories like “Game of the Year” or “Best Graphics.” That’s what every other awards program does, and that’s not our style. Sun 5:30PM, Capitol Ballroom (Sheraton).

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