Disability Services at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con supports equal access and provides on-site assistance for anyone who has a disability. We seek to do our utmost to provide equal access to our attendees with disabilities in accordance with State and Federal Law.

Dragon*Con members with mobility impairments or hearing, vision, or any other legal disability that could affect your Dragon*Con experience, if you need any assistance, please be sure to visit Dragon*Con’s Disability Services as soon as you get on-site. Located just outside On-Site Registration in the Sheraton, our staff will brief you on convention disability accommodations and help ensure that you enjoy Dragon*Con to the fullest.

For more information, check out the Disability Services overview on the Dragon*Con main website or email Cherie Wren at disabilityservices (at) dragoncon (dot) org

And for folks without mobility impairments, we ask that if you see someone with a mobility impairment waiting for an elevator, please be courteous and get off or otherwise make room for them.

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