Digital Gaming at Dragon*Con

Love Digital Gaming? Dragon*Con has Digital Gaming! Located on the 2nd floor of the Hilton and open from 9AM to 4AM daily.


  • Mortal Combat 9, Friday 4PM
  • Soul Calibur 5, Friday 8PM
  • Starcraft 2, Saturday 5PM
  • Super Street Fighter 4, Saturday 6:30PM
  • Super Smash Brother Brawl, Saturday 9PM
  • League of Legends, Sunday, 12 noon
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Sunday 9PM

Call times are 30 minutes prior to start time. Player accounts are required for Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. Tickets are required for all tournaments, available at Gaming Registration.

Open PC gaming is $3/hour, $5/two hours. Please purchase generic tickets from Gaming Registration.

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