Registration Moves at Light Speed–Or It Seems That Way

Whatever bugs might have been in the barcode registration system last year seem to have been worked out, and people are blasting through registration. The average wait time has varied from ten to 45 minutes, a vast improvement over the multi-hour waits in line to get into a ballroom to get into another line to get into an alphabetical line to get a badge.

Pei Ling Chen, a first-time Dragon*Con attendee, remarked that it took longer for her to walk from the Marriott to the Sheraton than it took to actually get her badge in hand. Late arrivals should be able to get through registration without too much headache. Registration is open Thursday until 10PM and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8AM to 10PM. On Monday, registration is open from 8AM to 5PM. Registration is located in Georgia Hall 2-12 (S).

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