Lost About Lost Girl

Bisexual succubus. Wisecracking pickpocket. Secret Fae underworld. If you haven’t put these pieces together yet to form the awesome pie that is the TV show Lost Girl, you probably weren’t at the panel Sunday at 5:30PM in A704 (M). To make matters worse, you probably aren’t watching Lost Girl air on SyFy—but you’ll be relieved to know that you can rectify that next Friday night. American viewers are just a few weeks away from the end of Lost Girl’s second season, while in Canada, filming for season three is well underway.

Mindful of the lag in aired episodes, Kelley Harkins and her fellow panelists on the American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media track tried to keep Sunday’s panel spoiler-free. Their discussion centered on the unanimous love for the “best sidekick ever,” Kenzi, played by Ksenia Solo. A physically tiny human in a multiverse full of super-powered Fae, Kenzi uses her brains, boots, and Russian mob connections to set herself apart. One panelist repeated a well-loved line from the show, stating that in such a small body exists the strongest soul you will ever meet.

The audience spoke about the compelling and unique nature of the diversity of the show’s folklore. From nāgas and selkies to will-o’-the-wisps and Baba Yaga, Lost Girl borrows myths from world cultures and fits them all into a dark patchwork that exists at the fringes of Toronto, Canada. Heroine Bo, played by Anna Silk, uses her sensual talents to work as a private investigator, smashing gender stereotypes and sexual shame along the way. She champions Kenzi and her human lover, genius medical doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer)—and that causes no small amount of magical tantrums among snooty supernatural Fae.

One touch from Bo, however, can be enough to bend any lesser being to her will. Where that tempting, dangerous path will lead, none of us know. Here’s hoping that long-running Lost Girl guest star Aaron Ashmore might one day host a panel and give us some insight—and hey, if all he wants to talk about is what it was like to date Kenzi, that works too.

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