Nivair H. Gabriel

Nivair H. Gabriel has whiled away her twenty-four years of life on Earth as a writer, feminist, engineer, photographer, and fangirl. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and has contributed to, Fantasy Magazine, Pittsburgh Magazine, MIT's The Tech, and the Hugo Award-winning Weird Tales. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she works as a technical writer by day and sometimes sleeps by night. She believes that the existence of Jon Stewart is proof of God's love for humankind. This is her fourth Dragon*Con.

Hearing Naughty Voices: Archer’s Pam and Krieger

Many panels start with a five-minute “WOO!” from the crowd, but only for Archer is that “WOO!” canonically required. The eponymous spy of this animated TV show has a habit of celebrating with that line, whether he’s playing lacrosse with Malaysian pirates or shooting sharks in the face. This Dragon*Con audience shrieked with equal excitement at the appearance of Archer… Read more →

Lost About Lost Girl

Bisexual succubus. Wisecracking pickpocket. Secret Fae underworld. If you haven’t put these pieces together yet to form the awesome pie that is the TV show Lost Girl, you probably weren’t at the panel Sunday at 5:30PM in A704 (M). To make matters worse, you probably aren’t watching Lost Girl air on SyFy—but you’ll be relieved to know that you can… Read more →

Geek Wisdom

Like any Dragon*Con attendee, featured guest Stephen H. Segal has long lived by the maxims that lead all our geeky lives:  All that is gold does not glitter / Not all those who wander are lost (The Lord of the Rings); Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent (Foundation); With great power comes great responsibility (good old Spidey!); Fear… Read more →

ladies of guild

Ladies of the Guild

Four years ago, Felicia Day stood handing out bookmarks at Comic-Con International, hoping that the promotion for her tiny new web series The Guild wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle of the many scraps of paper thrust at every con-goer. This Saturday, she and her Guild costars Amy Okuda and Robin Thorsen stepped onstage in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom to… Read more →

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