The Many Charity Auctions of Dragon Con

All day Saturday, the charity auctions have been aiming to reach their goal of $100,000 (and hopefully set a record). The Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary will receive 50% of the proceeds, the Georgia Conservancy 30%, and the Marcus Autism Center 20%. This year, Dragon Con asked its fans to help select our three official charities via polls on social media.

For every dollar donated, Dragon Con will match funds (so that every dollar turns into two) up to a maximum of $50,000 matched dollars.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary shelters local injured, abused, or unwanted exotic animals. The Georgia Conservancy is committed to keeping Georgia’s natural resources intact. The Marcus Autism Center assists with the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism.

There were some amazing pieces in the Cosplay Auction, from an Imperial Navy Star Wars uniform, to a hand-tooled bow and quiver that won a prize in last year’s competition.

Attendees of Dragon Con, we urge you to go on down to the auction on Sunday from 10AM to 2PM in Hanover C-E, Hyatt, to support our charities. If the allure of cool auction items isn’t enough, remember that all of the proceeds go to the above wonderful organizations.

Author of the article

Joe Church returns for his second Dragon Con this year. With interests from art to science and everything in between, he hopes to contribute some cool articles to the Daily Dragon.