American SF/Fantasy Media Track Meetups and Fan Fun

The American SF/Fantasy Media Track has a bevy of casual meet and greets for fans that love some of the most popular recent shows to gab and connect with other fans:

  • DragonCon 101 Meetup: Fri 10AM, M301-M302 (M).
  • Game of Thrones Fan Meetup: Fri 11:30AM, M301 (M).
  • Lost Girl Meetup: Fri 1PM, M301 (M).
  • Legend of the Seeker Fan Meetup: Fri 4PM, M301 (M).
  • Once Upon a Time Fan Meetup: Fri 5:30PM, M301 (M).

And don’t miss:

SciFi Drive-In Theater Heckle-Along with Super Shark!
Love Cheesy movies? Well join us for one of the worst in recent years. Super Shark! Be a part of the fun as our hosts and you heckle this classic to its cheesy finish! Fri 9PM, Hanover C-E (Hy).

Gameshow of Thrones Season 2
Teams of four compete in epic battles of silliness and trivia about Game of Thrones! Come by the American SF/Fantasy Media track room early during the con to sign up with your team. Come up with a good team name as that counts for points too! There are a limited number of team slots so don’t be late! Sun 8:30PM, M301-M302 (M).

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