Night at the Georgia Aquarium

Aquarium group shot
Photo by Grace Moss

Saturday night was the annual Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium. It’s taken this reporter six years of coming to this convention to actually leave the host hotels, and it was definitely something that should have been done sooner. Where else can one see dragons, Ursulas, Aquamen, fairies, superheroes, Dothraki, and at least one Sharknado oohing and ahhing over Beluga whales, whale sharks, sting rays, sea otters, and penguins? One Belgua whale also seemed particularly interested in the strange humans pressed against the glass. It spent several moments checking out one costumed attendee or another.

Aspen Comics sponsored a beach party during the event, including a costume contest and live diving with the Aspen Comics crew. There were also DJs, dancing, food, and a cash bar, as well as artists selling prints of their work. There are places in the aquarium where guests can pet sharks or other sea fauna. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Even as some were leaving after a few hours, more people were arriving by shuttle bus.

It was a great chance to do something a little different and spend time hanging out with friends. Next time, this reporter will definitely conserve energy and go the aquarium to see those penguins and otters again!

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