So You Want to Play D&D?

Role-playing games are gathering a growing interest. Maybe it’s because technology is overtaking our lives that people want to reconnect with other like minds. Whatever the reason, how do you start playing Dungeons and Dragons?

In the Westin Saturday at 10AM was a great place to start. When the moderator Jeff Burns polled the room, about half raised their hands indicating that they have never RPGed before. This was the workshop to attend.

So what is role-playing? How is it different than computer or video games?

Role-playing allows the player to create and develop a character. A Dungeon Master (DM) or Game Master (GM) guides the adventure, creating a storyline the players follow (the quest). The roll of the dice makes the decisions for the player as to what can (or what cannot) happen. It gives the player a chance to interact with a group of other adventurers, bonding and growing in knowledge, wealth, loot, and camaraderie. The adventure is a collaborative story. One player’s action will affect another’s action.

So, now that you have made the decision to play, where do you find other players?

If you live near a comic book store, that would be a great place to start. There are also gaming stores you can check out. Most of these will have groups listed where you can go and watch or ask to join. If you live in an area where this isn’t an option, you can play online. D&D Beyond was a highly recommended site. You need a computer, a mic, and the internet. This site has live games, so you can talk to other players as the adventures unfold. Although you are not sitting across from a live person, you are still playing live with people.

There are preset modules with storylines, or you can venture out and create a homebrew creation of your own. Either way, this type of game playing is creative and interactive. It’s fun. It gives the player a chance to escape into a collaborative reality that takes you on its own adventure.

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