’18 Panels/Events

Science Track Asks the Burning Question: Does it Fart?

Daily Dragon, now in scratch ‘n’ sniff! Look for it in the Tuesday print edition. Oh. Wait. DD director says that idea stinks. And there’s no Tuesday print edition. Few questions twist your gut and are more pressing than “Does it Fart?” Audience members in the Hilton Porcelain Crystal Ballroom on Sunday explored all the things they never knew they… Read more →

Divining the Future

Divining the Future

Sunday morning at 10AM in the Sheraton, a group of around 50 attendees met to have their fortunes read in at the morning tarot reading. Beginning like the drum circle did, unofficially with a few like-minded people coming together to read and be read, the tarot readings have now been given their own room and time slots. Friday evening was… Read more →

Master of His Craft

The Trek Track began the final day of Dragon Con by welcoming David R. George III to the Hilton Galleria. George is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has written eighteen Star Trek novels to date. As to the session’s title, “Rewriting the Rules,” George was a bit uncomfortable, as he wasn’t sure that he was “rewriting” anything. Upon reflection, he did note… Read more →

Novel Experience

Novelists Anthony Frances, E.K. Johnston, and Diana Peterfreund generously shared their expertise during the “How to Write a Damn Good Book” panel on Monday in Hyatt Embassy CD. The three talented authors spent the hour discussing the tips and tricks they’ve learned about writing during their writing careers. Writers often hear the adage about having to write a few bad… Read more →

An Hour with The Librarians

As we all know, sometimes our favorite TV shows get cancelled. But The Librarians fans didn’t let that stop them from showing up to support actors Christian Kane and John Kim on Saturday evening in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom. Well, at the start, it was just Kim, as Kane was nowhere to be seen. He wandered in about five minutes later. That… Read more →

Under the Bat Signal

Four comic book creators formed the “Batman & The Heroes of Gotham” panel on Friday afternoon in the Hyatt International North. Moderator Jami Jones, artists Craig Rousseau, Alex Sinclair, and Babs Tarr, and writer Gail Simone discussed the continuing appeal of the Batman family. Jones opened the panel by asking each of the creators to name the Bat books on… Read more →

Writer’s Block Vanquished

J.D. Blackrose led a panel of celebrated authors, S. M. Stirling, Janny Wurts, and Alethea Kontis, in a Saturday evening panel that identified myriad ways to conquer writer’s block, that ubiquitous inability to bring on words that plagues many writers. Addressing the pervasive problem, Blackrose noted that writer’s block is pretty universal and asked what we can do to fight… Read more →