2019 Dragon Con Independent Film Festival Winners

Animated Comedy: It’s Alive! Animated Fantasy & Science Fiction:  Spice Frontier Animated Horror: Her Lips are Mine Comedy: Miracle Desert Action: Escape from North Korea Fan Film & Parody: Mash-Up Madness: A Parody Anthology Fantasy: Moon Droops Horror: Fred Needs a Friend Horror Comedy: Vinyl Destination Science Fiction: At the End of the World Best Feature: Artik Honorable Mention: Hashtag Best… Read more →

Bestselling Series Authors Reveal “Keeping it Fresh” Strategies

Bestselling Series Authors Reveal “Keeping it Fresh” Strategies

Jim Butcher, Dave Weber, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Eric Flint shared tactics for keeping their long-running series fresh to a full house on Saturday afternoon in the Hyatt Regency VI–VII.  Steve Saffel moderated. The camaraderie was apparent in the commentary on the series represented: Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (“affected every other writer in modern fantasy”) and Eric Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire… Read more →

Founding Fathers, Bootlegging, and NASCAR: The History of Moonshine

Grab your favorite mason jar full of ‘shine and pull up a chair to learn about the history of moonshine and bootlegging. “White Lightning” aficionados joined Amber Antsy, Monica Date, and Scott Poole at the Sheraton Macon on Friday to talk illegal booze. Moonshine is unaged whiskey and is usually made from corn, but could be made from anything. It… Read more →

How to Wow the Writers of the Future Contest Judges

How to Wow the Writers of the Future Contest Judges

Distinguished panelists Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Larry Niven, Jody Lynn Nye, Tim Powers, Brandon Sanderson, and Robert J. Sawyer gave attendees tips on how to become one of the 12 yearly winners of the Writers of the Future Contest on Saturday in the Hyatt. Before the panel began, Sanderson chatted with some young writers sitting in the front row… Read more →

Talking Games and the Dark Side with Eddie McClintock

There are certain Dragon Con guests who need no introduction, and Eddie McClintock is certainly one of those. But, this is print, or words on the internet of things, so not having an introduction is frowned upon. At a press conference on Sunday afternoon, reporters sat down with the actor to talk games and playing darker characters. On Saturday evening,… Read more →

Classic Shatner

Monday morning in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom William Shatner once again entertained and captivated his audience with stories that ranged from his humble attempts at frying turkey to unexplained mysteries of the brain. After wishing all a happy Labor Day, and wondering about BBQ, Shatner recounted his misadventures with deep frying a turkey. On one occasion while in Kentucky, he… Read more →