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Here’s an index of all the news, information, interviews, and articles we published for Dragon Con 2019! Panels/Events [catlist id=304 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] Interviews [catlist id=302 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] Contests/Awards [catlist id=305 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] News/Information [catlist id=303 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1]

Talking Games and the Dark Side with Eddie McClintock

There are certain Dragon Con guests who need no introduction, and Eddie McClintock is certainly one of those. But, this is print, or words on the internet of things, so not having an introduction is frowned upon. At a press conference on Sunday afternoon, reporters sat down with the actor to talk games and playing darker characters. On Saturday evening,… Read more →

Author L.L. McKinney Urges Persistence

Author L.L. McKinney Urges Persistence

“Never give up,” author L.L. McKinney told writers hoping to publish during a Writers’ Track panel on Saturday. Her animated, provocative discussion prompted me to approach her for more sage advice. Daily Dragon (DD): Tell us about your work as an author. How would you describe your stories and novels? L.L. McKinney (LLM): I would say it’s fantasy with an… Read more →

Interviews with the Beheaded

In early afternoon, the Headless Lounge was fairly quiet. The smallish room featured electric fans (courtesy of Furry Weekend America), a water station, and a curtained off area for patrons to change in and out of their costumes in private. Though the name may sound strange to some, the Headless Lounge was heavily requested among attendees wearing mascot-style costumes. The… Read more →

Roaming and Writing with Chris A. Jackson

Roaming and Writing with Chris A. Jackson

Author Chris A. Jackson has been a professional and scientist and is a lifelong gamer. He’s also a natural roamer. He and his wife split their time between the North Carolina mountains and the Caribbean. His Weapon of Flesh series about a magical assassin has made the Kindle bestseller list several times, but he also writes horror, satirical science fiction,… Read more →

Ethan Peck

Playing Spock: Intense Emotions and Growth

Ethan Peck makes playing Spock on Star Trek: Discovery look easy, but he is very open about the terror he felt when taking the part. He hates to admit it, but he got past all the fear and negative self-feedback by practicing gratitude, self-love, and positivity. “I hate to say it, but it’s true. And it worked!” Peck knew that… Read more →