Belly Dance Moves You

People are usually seeking a different way to exercise, and at 11:30AM on Sunday in Hilton 404-405 instructor Alya Almee offered us a new idea. Belly dancing is an inexpensive way to tone the body and increase your cardio with just one tool – you. This class combined isolation body movements with traveling steps set to music. Almee broke everything… Read more →

2021 Art Show Winners

Best Horror: Jacob Walker, “Call of Cthulhu” Best Fantasy: Charles Urbach, “Not All Treasure Is Gold” Best Sci-Fi: Alan Panakal, “Morning Star” Most Humorous: Paul Bielaczyc, “Tale of 2 Wolves” Best 2D: Rachel Reickenberg, “From the Ashes” Best Jewelry: David Cain, “Araneae Choker” Best Photograph: Madolyn Locke, “Silverlight”—”Space Fighters” Best Charity Piece: Jill Turner, “Castle Tray” Artist Choice: Tran Nguyen,… Read more →

Laws of Physics? What Laws?

Laws of Physics? What Laws?

Laws of Physics? What Laws? On Saturday at 7PM, Science Track Director Stephen Granade hosted a discussion of the science of The Fast & The Furious on the Fan Tracks channel with the Curly Haired Mafia, who are otherwise known as Lali DeRosier, Dani Lee, and Raychelle Burks. The panel’s consensus was that the laws of physics don’t apply in… Read more →

Educators and Scientists: The Conduit to Fandom

Saturday at 1PM, the Diversity Track hosted a panel discussion in Hyatt Inman on the power and potential of science and social studies to take advantage of fantasy and science fiction in the classroom. Eric Thomas, Joy Hatcher, Glenn Paris, Nicholas Hoo, and Melanie Duncan explored the world of STEM, STEAM, social studies, ELA, the kind of contribution science fiction… Read more →

Kim Harrison's Perspective

Kim Harrison’s Perspective

Kim Harrison, bestselling author of The Hollows series, The Peri Reed Chronicles, and traditional fantasies under the name Dawn Cook, joined moderator Carol Malcolm for the virtual panel “A Conversation with Kim Harrison” on Sunday at 5:30PM on the Urban Fantasy Track’s Facebook page. When Harrison first read Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series, she was disappointed that the main… Read more →

The Many Lives of Doctor Who’s The Master

For Saturday’s virtual …And You Will Obey Me: Doctor Who’s The Master at 50 on the Brit Track YouTube channel, panelists (and podcasters) Brian Doob, Michael Falkner, Sue Kisenwether, Rob Levy, and Dr. Scott Viguie, as moderated by Rob in the Hat, discussed The Master’s many incarnations, story arcs, and lasting impact on Doctor Who. Since his introduction in 1971,… Read more →

2021 Masquerade Winners

2021 Masquerade Winners

Best Child: Annabelle as Sakura Best Teen: Darwin Harn-Dailey as Frog Lady from The Mandalorian Best Star Wars: Alexander Hibbs as Baron Stormtrooper Best Musical: Claire Fletcher as Rumpleteazer from Cats Best Marvel: Ray K Allen as Throne of Thor Best Comedy: Michelle Dempsey as Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Best Fantasy: Lacy Santos as… Read more →