Horror, Mystery, and Sex!

That’s what Women in Horror should have been called.  Laurell K. Hamilton, author of the Anita Blake series and the new Meredith Gentry series (A Kiss of Shadows), and Paula Guran, editor of Horror Garage, fielded questions about writing horror and the publishing world.  Unsurprisingly, especially if you’ve read any of Hamilton’s books or seen Horror Garage, the topic kept… Read more →

What a Way to Start a Con

There are people out there who don’t know who James Doohan is, who know nothing about Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott of the starship Enterprise.  Luckily, those people are not spending four days at Dragon*Con. For the rest of us, we rushed, four-hundred strong to see this star of the classic Trek series early on Friday.  The good people in charge… Read more →

What is It About the Green Ones?

Last season of the TV series Angel, viewers were introduced to the green-skinned, yellow-suited, karaoke-singing, demonic Host With the Most played by Andrew Hallett.  Being a huge Buffy/Angel fan, when I saw that he was coming to Dragon*Con 2001, I was there–along with hundreds of other fans. An Hour with Andrew Hallett in the Montreal room was strictly standing room… Read more →

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