Horror in the New Millennium

Only writers would start a panel with a vocabulary lesson.  Attendees of the panel “Horror in the new Millenium” learned that in modeling, “fessoning” is the art of flipping hair; “apocapee” is when the ‘g’ in song lyrics is dropped (Goin’ to California . . . ); “animorphisis” is the hidden images within a painting that can only be see… Read more →

The Man with the Golden Wit

Early to a panel equates to a great view of the performer, unless you attend any Anthony Daniels’ panel, including his 2:30 panel “Anthony Daniels: The Man In the Golden Suit”.  This sprite constantly dances around the room, no matter how big or small.  Mr. Daniels encourages the randomness of interviewing audience members from their very own seat, dragging the… Read more →

Day One Comes to a Close

The dragon smiled as it woke, surprised in its extra day of sleep it promised to make its birthday a rush of festive revelries.  Shifted one day was a bit bewildering to the dragon, but it wasn’t daunted.  The dragon’s guests came in full attire and attitude ready for a party, and ready to show off.  Music filtered in the… Read more →

Let There Be Lips (a Rocky Horror review)

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, God said “Let there be lips…” Rocky Horror Picture Show was unleashed upon an anxious audience chanting “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!” on Friday night. The convention attendees packed the Regency Ballroom almost to the point of standing room only as they gathered to worship at the cult classic, singing along… Read more →

Thin Line Between Technology and Entertainment

After meeting with the mob at the elevators, I quickly dashed downstairs to secure a seat for the Matters of the Force Technology Panel at 4:30 in Dunwoody.  Chad McFee, MOTF moderator, secured the rooms’ attention by a brief introduction of the panels’ guest.  Panel members included: Chad Cunningham, past member of the Jedi.net; Dr. Steven Howe, physicist; Aaron Allston,… Read more →

Ghoultown Review

Ghoultown Review

Gothabilly – Johnny Cash, cranked up with vicious driving rhythms fueled by tequila, gunsmoke, grit and a line of pissed off zombies. Imagine having that shot of 150% proof raw tequila chased down with habeneros grown on the barren plains of Hell before riding out on a Texas-sized lynch mob straight from a horror-styled spaghetti western – that would be… Read more →

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