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Doctor Zathras’s Traveling B5 Medicine Show Meet Babylon 5 fans (and maybe cast & crew) at this additional, independent B5 programming. Socials, panels, lotteries, and swag! A new event every day. Friday: “B5 Diplomatic Mixer.” Come and get your first taste of Doctor Zathras’s exciting offerings! 8:30PM, Champions Sports Bar (Marriott). Saturday: Open panel. topic to be decided. (Possibilities include:… Read more →

Lost in Translation: Dragon*Con Style

I felt like Bill Murray in the beginning of Lost in Translation only instead of being the tallest person in the crowded hotel elevator, I was the only one not donning wings, latex or a Storm Trooper uniform. I had just checked in at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency where I’d come to attend Dragon*Con, America’s largest annual popular arts convention… Read more →


At Tracy and Laura Hickman’s myth workshop Friday, Tracy began to describe the benefit of outlines to writers by analogy: “If you hold a handful of marbles too tightly, the marbles start popping out.” The immediate question from one witty fan: “So, the more you tighten your grip, the more marbles will slip through your fingers?” As if this wasn’t… Read more →

D*C Tracks Cover SF TV Highlights

Dragon*Con is a haven for science fiction fans whose favorite genre is television media. According to Marc Berman, a TV analyst for www.mediaweek.com (as reported in Thursday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), “the end of the X-Files [in 2002] signaled the end of a golden era for sci-fi” on television. Even though Buffy may have “slain her last vampire” on first-run, primetime… Read more →