’06 BSG

Star Trek vs. The New BSG

Centennial I swarmed with Trekkies and Colonists alike for Friday’s “Star Trek vs. the New Battlestar Galactica” panel. Richard Hatch, known not only as Tom Zarek in the new series but also as Apollo in the original BSG, moderated the question and answer format, focusing on the contrast between the new BSG‘s dark adult content as compared to the squeaky… Read more →

The State of the Fleet: Dark and Getting Darker

Battlestar Galactica is set to get a lot darker when the show returns to the Sci-Fi Channel this October. “As for the upcoming season, the two words you are going to hear a lot is dark and intense, so you really don’t want any spoilers,” technical advisor Kevin R. Grazier told a crowd of fans at “Sitrep: The State of… Read more →