Allston & Stackpole Expand Writers’ “Inner Circle”

Aaron Allston and Michael Stackpole began Saturday’s series of “Inner Circle” hourly writers’ workshops with “21 Days to a Novel,”  Sat 10AM Hanover A-B.  Starting on day 1 with a sentence describing one character, Stackpole built a working, yet flexible, novel outline in a mere 21 days.  In spite of the tight schedule, he advised that this was not a… Read more →

Stackpole & Allston Tag-Team Workshops

Not knowing what to expect from the Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston hourly “Inner Circle” workshops, I chatted with fellow writer “Doc Kos,” the Heinlein Blood Drive volunteer.  As the double room filled with promising Dragon*Con future authors, Doc kindly offered me the opportunity to interview True Blood guests as they prepared to give blood.  “Shades of Van Helsing,” I… Read more →