’12 Panels/Events

Writers and Warehouse Agents

The “Creating Warehouse 13 and the Agents” panel on Saturday in the Marriott was a pleasure as creator/writer Jane Espenson and writer Deric Hughes joined agents Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek, and Aaron Ashmore onstage. One of the themes of the panel was how unique it was to work on the show. Jack Kenny, one of the show’s executive producers, is… Read more →

Cyberwar and the Future

During the Electronic Frontiers Forum panel “Cyberwar and the Future of Cyber Conflict” (Sunday 10AM), Internet security expert Bruce Schneier gave the audience an overview of recent cyber attacks and issues in cyber security.  He began by defining cyber war as the “spectrum of state-sponsored actions in cyberspace.” In April, 2011, Estonia suffered an attack on its government sites, one… Read more →

Let’s Make a Friend

The two-part Create-A-Puppet Workshop with Lolly Lardpop ran Sunday from 4PM to 6:30PM in International South (Hyatt). Participants were given a bag with the pieces and instructions needed to make their own Lolly Lardpop. On each of four long tables were supplies like glue sticks, markers, scissors, and construction paper to allow the construction of the puppet. The tables were… Read more →

Alice Cooper: Artist of Many Facets

Alice Cooper: Artist of Many Facets

Sunday afternoon, Alice Cooper spent an hour answering questions to an exuberant and awestruck crowd at the Westin. The topics were as diverse as the man himself: performing, writing, marriage, religion, and the many other artists he has had the pleasure and honor of working with during his career. Right from the outset, he referred to himself as, “The Moriarty… Read more →

Lost About Lost Girl

Bisexual succubus. Wisecracking pickpocket. Secret Fae underworld. If you haven’t put these pieces together yet to form the awesome pie that is the TV show Lost Girl, you probably weren’t at the panel Sunday at 5:30PM in A704 (M). To make matters worse, you probably aren’t watching Lost Girl air on SyFy—but you’ll be relieved to know that you can… Read more →

Follow The Braided Silk Road

Marie Baker, better known as Natakiya, was the enthusiastic presenter for the Kumihimo Braiding workshop Sunday 11:30AM in the Piedmont (Hyatt). This workshop was longer than a regular one, lasting two and half hours. Natakiya first had a PowerPoint presentation on the history of this craft. It is actually the oldest form of braiding, originating from Chinese and Korean influences…. Read more →

Television and Film: An Hour with Gillian Anderson

Television and Film: An Hour with Gillian Anderson

The crowd got to their feet as Gillian Anderson came out to start her panel in the Marriott Atrium ballroom Sunday afternoon. She started off the panel by assuring everyone she was not drunk during her panel on Saturday. That’s just how she is, she said. For the first half hour, Anderson answered questions from the moderator before taking questions… Read more →

Publishing Advice from the First Ladies of Fantasy

Nancy Knight (read last years’ Daily Dragon interview with Knight here), author, partner in BelleBooks Publishing, and director of the Dragon*Con Writer’s Track, moderated the “First Ladies of Fantasy” panel on Sunday 10AM in Regency VI-VII (Hy). The other authors on the panel were Mercedes Lackey, Laurell K. Hamilton, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Even though a lot of… Read more →