Masquerade Highlights the Craft of Costume Design

Photo by Dave Nelson
Photo by Dave Nelson

The annual Masquerade Costume Contest, held Sunday night in the Hyatt, drew its usual huge crowd to cheer on the contestants and their costumes and skits. Hosted by Tony Gowell (in costume as Etta, Lucy Davis’ character from Wonder Woman) and guest host Jason David Frank (the original Green Power Ranger and MMA fighter), this year’s Masquerade contestants delivered a dynamic range of the the familiar and beyond.

Judges Chance Chancellor, Daisy Viktoria, and Lynette Edlund (Johnson), all costumers themselves, and Marc Lee, had a wide variety of techniques, skills and characters to choose from. Entries were judged on originality, concept and presentation. Obviously, costume creation and execution can encompass an incredible variety of skills and talents, and the judges use these areas to find some common ground to rate the contestants’ work.

The children’s competition attracted six entries, awarding prizes for Best Toddler and Best in Show. There were 29 entries in the adult competition, and awards were announced in contests based on experience level and categories.

While the judges tallied the scores, the audience members started yelling they wanted the duck. As tradition, while the judges are working, the audience is treated to a screening of “Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century,” a 1953 Daffy Duck cartoon short co-starring Porky Pig and Marvin the Martian. Directly after “Duck Dodgers,” the winners were announced.

Photo by Dave Nelson
Photo by Dave Nelson

Best Original Character: Paige Norris

Best Disney: Daral Yam

Best Fantasy: Rob Shetler

Best Sci-Fi: Shannon Swearingen and Will Luther

Best Comedy: Jason Abbott

Best Toddler: Zoey Terlouw

Best Junior (any contestant under 16): Bryan Bach

Best Novice (has never won an award in competition): Robert and Teresa Bolwerk

Best Journeyman (has won at least one, but less than four, category awards at a large convention or recognized competition): Dave Collier and Kelsey McCarter

Best Master (previously won major award): Mike and Amanda Carambat

Best in Show: Holly Hasty and Jason Szabo

Photo by Dave Nelson
Photo by Dave Nelson
Photo by Dave Nelson
Photo by Dave Nelson


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