Patricia "Shayla" Mustakangas

Dune Lives

The panelists for this program were Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, writers; Stephen Youll, illustrator; Patrick Loberto, an editor at Bantam Books; and Jamie Warner, Art Director of Bantam Books. Brian began the presentation by emphasizing that here at Dragon*Con we are paying tribute to Frank Herbert, his father. Brian said that on his father’s eighth birthday, he stood… Read more →

An Hour with Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan had just left her home in Yugoslavia and moved to the United States when she filmed the pilot episode of Babylon 5. Shortly after that episode was aired, she attended her first Con in New York. Having been a successful actress in her homeland, she was unsure how the American fans would react to her. Mira was in… Read more →


Flying from Boston to Atlanta can be a pretty boring experience, unless your seatmate is Cloei. Fuscia-haired (this week,) pert and practical, Cloei is a Web Cam girl. She has web cams in her home. People on the web can watch her and her activities 24/7. She began her appearances as an adult site, but felt that the programming was… Read more →