Flying from Boston to Atlanta can be a pretty boring experience, unless your seatmate is Cloei. Fuscia-haired (this week,) pert and practical, Cloei is a Web Cam girl. She has web cams in her home. People on the web can watch her and her activities 24/7. She began her appearances as an adult site, but felt that the programming was becoming too “raunchy,” so she added her own twist. (It is still an adult site.) Is it exhibitionism? No. “I enjoy it. I prefer to say it is like being a goof ball,” said Cloei. She said that she has actually met some of her viewers and plans to meet more here at Dragon*Con. She loves her viewers, saying, “They are great people.” In the near future, Cloei hopes to have up to 10 web cams in her home.

But this is not the total dimension of this mover and shaker on the web.

Cloei maintains a web site at She has new adventure stories every month. In July the story will be about fairies, and in August, about an angel. The concept of her site is that she can combine her own live action, including costumes and props, with her brand of anime. She currently has an action anime show on her site. The site also includes an archive, photos, and her and her husband’s journals. She is planning an audio journal, as well as adding Realaudio and Realvideo soon.

Cloei is also a successful web developer for a number of companies. At the present time, she is looking for an illustrator for the anime parts of her site. If you or anyone you know is interested in this work, contact Cloei at ( cloei (at) animecam (dot) com.

Catch her and the other Web Cam girls Friday night at 7:00 in Hanover F-G!

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