Dune Lives

The panelists for this program were Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, writers; Stephen Youll, illustrator; Patrick Loberto, an editor at Bantam Books; and Jamie Warner, Art Director of Bantam Books. Brian began the presentation by emphasizing that here at Dragon*Con we are paying tribute to Frank Herbert, his father. Brian said that on his father’s eighth birthday, he stood… Read more →

Women in Gaming

The Women in Gaming panel was lead by Mur Lafferty, the webmaster of the Rainbow 6 web site, and Damon Floyd, from gamegirlz.com. There is a general misconception that all gamers are adolescent boys who are geeky and awkward. That view ignores a growing portion of the gaming market, women. The panel was a round table discussion about women in… Read more →

Babylon 5: A Woman’s Perspective

With: Mira Furlan, Maggie Egan, Julie Caitlin Brown, and Claudia Christian. Since Julie was the first usual suspect to arrive she strode to the stage and proceeded to vamp till Maggie and Mira made their appearance. Like the Men’s group the previous day they too made phallic jokes, with and about, the microphones. I think I detect a theme here…. Read more →

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