Dragon Concert Series: Apollo Smile

Following the performance of Sir Millard Mulch and the witty segue by Claudia Christian, was the indomitable performer Apollo Smile. This was her third Dragon*Con attendance and she has gotten bigger and better rooms each time. Every year I have come to Dragon*Con I admired her from afar, she has a wealth of good karma and energy that seems that no matter what gets in her way she will smile and prevail. Her show was a hallucinogenic experience of good times; she worked the crowd with the energy of a Tasmanian devil and her good girl/ bad girl techniques kept the crowd enraptured and excited. After the show I got to go to talk to her and ask a few questions. Not used to being a journalist myself, and not wanting to impede her evening agenda, I got to ask a few questions not answered in her bio and a little glimpse into her history.

She loves what she does and lives to do it, and when you have that philosophy, nothing can get you down. About her name and history, she has been Apollo Smile for eleven years, and started in New York, peddling her music for $1.00 and building the fan base up. Her fan club incorporates young independents that are starting their careers at the bottom. She is the strength behind her onstage choreography and musical performance. I then drew a blank as her energy swarmed me and left me in a rainbow of good feeling I had to run to type before my brain leaked and I forgot what was all said and given to me by sharing her karma.

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