Day One Comes to a Close

The dragon smiled as it woke, surprised in its extra day of sleep it promised to make its birthday a rush of festive revelries.  Shifted one day was a bit bewildering to the dragon, but it wasn’t daunted.  The dragon’s guests came in full attire and attitude ready for a party, and ready to show off.  Music filtered in the Halls of the Dragon’s home driving many attendees in a trance of mutual goodwill.  Not waiting for a second day to reveal the splendor of their costumes, attendees posed and cheesed for a gaggle of photographers.  One of my favorites was the slouched storm trooper carrying the squads’ flag.  Friends reacquainted each other with the past amidst hugs and loves.  Artists proudly glowed as people set eyes on their work.  Dawn drove the Dragon into a temporary rest and it sighed in pleasure knowing that day two approached.

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