The Cruxshadows: Rogue’s Hair!?

Dateline: Montreal/Vancouver Room, Hyatt Regency, Dragon*Con.

Sources who attended the “Wishes, Mysteries, and Fallen Angels: The Crüxshadows” panel on Saturday report that the most famous hairstyle in all of Dragon*Con, that of the Crüxshadows’s front man, founding member, and visionary, Rogue, may be no more. The signature towering spikes that have so enthralled fans across the world were said to instead frame his face as he and several other members of the Crüxshadows (George Bikos – guitar; Jessica Lackey – road manager, dancer, backup vocals; Sarah Poulos –  dancer, backup vocals) discussed their music, history, art, direction, and their latest release—the DVD/CD combo Shadowbox, currently on sale in their booth on the Ballroom level of the Hyatt Regency—with the packed room. While it is unknown whether Rogue’s trademark locks will return for their concert to be held in the Regency VI – VII ballroom Sunday at 10:30PM, you can rest assured that they will still have the haunting vocals and violin, the energetic guitar, the driving beat, the mythic imagery, and the theatrical performance that have made them, without a doubt, the single greatest live band this reporter has ever seen.

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