Thursday Night Concerts at Dragon*Con

Though Dragon*Con does not officially start until Friday those who came on Thursday still had entertainment. To begin the night’s performance Venus Falling, tech-op’s own Chris Camillo, kicked things off in the Hyatt’s Centennial Ballroom. He was a last minute replacement of C.O.G. who could not buy the gas to make it to Dragon*Con due to Hurricane Katrina. Belljar, a “progressive, alternative rock” band took the stage in the Regency Ballroom. Audience members were able to enjoy not only Belljar’s talent and self-described “eclectic” sound, but their wit as well. The Atlanta-based band, which has been together for two years, has a DVD selling for $10 which includes their first demo. The nights’ performances ended with Dark Fame. Friday you can enjoy the sounds of VooDou at 10:30PM in the Centennial Ballroom, Filking in the Regency Ballroom at 11:30PM, and McFly also at 11:30PM but in the Centennial Ballroom.

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