The Art of Akira Exhibit at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con presents an exhibition of original art from the anime masterpiece Akira, a groundbreaking and widely influential work that revolutionized animation. Based on the eponymous manga, Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 cyberpunk science fiction epic revitalized the Japanese film industry and inspired a new generation of international artists and fervent fandom.

The Art of Akira exhibit in Comics Artists Alley will feature different pieces from the exhibit each day of the convention, including all new pieces to Dragon*Con this year and several never-before-seen exclusives. Additionally, there will be Akira-themed prints by Dexter Vines and Jason Pearson at the exhibit.

And don’t miss these panels:

  • “The Art of Akira – Show & Tell” Fri 1PM, Hanover F (Hyatt)
  • “Robotech, Starblasers and Akira: the Western Invasion of Anime!” How anime and manga spread to the west, from the manga/anime underground throughout the 70s and 80s to AKIRA’s arrival and subsequent explosion.Sat 5:30PM, Courtland (Hyatt)
  • “Akira Screening” With commentary and film & art comparison by Joe Peacock. Sat 7:00PM, Hanover C-E (Hyatt)

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