’11 D*C News

The Coolness Scale

After a jam-packed-busy Friday for this reporter, Saturday has been my “easy” day so far. Having a lull in panels to review and having lost the fight for the last slice-of-life-cake, I will now add some non-dairy-whipped-topping-fluff to the Daily Dragon content. Let us presume, for argument’s sake, that the only important measure of worth in our society is not… Read more →

Be A Part Of Science Fiction History Next Year!

The 2012 World Science Fiction convention, Chicon 7, will be held in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. Stop by their fan table in the Hyatt (by the Art Show) to learn how you can participate in WorldCon without missing Dragon*Con! Learn about the Hugo Awards and how you can help decide the winners!

Saturday Concourse Concerts

The start times in the Pocket Program grid for the Saturday Concourse Concerts in the Hyatt (p.45) were omitted. These are the correct starting times: Siberia My Sweet: 11:00AM Hellblinki Sextet: 12:30PM Bella Morte: 2:00PM Frenchy and the Punk: 3:30PM Mad Tea Party: 5:00PM

The Family Business

When you’re sitting at the back of a panel in a reaaalllly big ballroom, watching your favorite celebrity on the big screen and listening to their witty comments on the sound system, take a moment and silently thank the volunteers on the Tech Ops crew. This reporter spent about an hour in one of several designated lairs for the 200+… Read more →

Costumed Comics Cosplay Photoshoots

Put on your superhero tights or supervillain spandex, tie on your cape, and c’mon out to have your photo taken! FRIDAY 9:00PM: Hilton Patio steps Birds of Prey (comics) 11:30AM: Suntrust Steps Adam Hughes Girls of DC 1:30pm: Hardy Ivy Park The Endless 2:30pm: Hilton Steps Legion of Superheroes 6:00PM: Hilton Patio Steps Gotham City Shoot 7:00PM: Hardy Ivy Park… Read more →

RevolutionSF Comes to Dragon*Con

RevolutionSF.com, the online magazine and community dedicated to celebrating the best in science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, and gaming is coming to Dragon*Con! “Stump The Geeks 2011”: A sci-fi TV and movies trivia game show hosted by RevolutionSF.com’s Joe Crowe. (Of note: one audience member said during last year’s contest, “Will there be any real trivia questions?”) The only rule… Read more →