Blood Drive Sucks Me In

I have always wanted to give blood, but because of my age (under 18) and home country (Canada), I was never able to do so legally.  I arrived at Dragon*Con to find out that this year’s blood drive is bigger and better than ever, and I am officially eligible to donate blood. 

After less than an hour, I received my cookies and T-shirt. The needle was virtually painless, and the nurses were friendly and helpful. You even get to choose your bandage color.  (I went with purple because purple is awesome.)

Advantages of donating blood:

  • You get a free T-shirt! What’s not to love?
  • Cookies and juice are excellent incentives.
  • Saving a life is also a big plus.

Disadvantages of donating blood:

  • I can’t think of one. (See advantages of donating blood.)

Life South is here Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 10AM to 7PM; and Monday: 9AM to 3PM.

Author of the article

Joe Church returns for his second Dragon Con this year. With interests from art to science and everything in between, he hopes to contribute some cool articles to the Daily Dragon.