Dragon Con Parade Spectator Advice: Places NOT to Watch The Parade

The Dragon Con Parade is a spectacular event, for sure! The 2013 parade route is new and expanded, which means there are a lot more excellent viewing opportunities for all. Click for a PDF of our route map. The route is highlighted in red. Find your viewing spot along the actual route and enjoy the parade. The parade route starts at the intersection of Spring Street and West Peachtree Place and ends at the Marriott Marquis’ circular, front driveway/fountain area where we disband.

Notice the area and streets highlighted in green on the map? That’s our staging area and not part of the parade route or the viewing area. Please do not enter our staging area unless you are a parade participant. It’s crowded, busy, and loud and you will not see or enjoy the parade from there. In fact, you might even run the risk of being accidentally mowed down by a large vehicle or a hundred or so stormtroopers trying to make their way onto the actual route. Please indulge us in repeating: DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA UNLESS YOU ARE A PARADE PARTICIPANT.

Another location that is not meant for parade viewing is the Marriott Marquis’ circular, front driveway/fountain area. Watching the parade end from the sidewalks actually on Peachtree Center Avenue is fine, just not inside the driveway/fountain area. We need to get the parade off the streets as quickly and cleanly as possible and appreciate your assistance in doing so by staying clear of the driveway/fountain area until the last unit of the parade has completely moved inside this area. The route is a long way to march in costume; please don’t be the one impeding that tired and thirsty parade participant from reaching the end safely.

Last but not least, do not stand or sit in the streets along the route. Please! Participants are often in large, bulky costumes with limited viewing range. Many of our vehicles are huge and require lots of maneuvering and turning room. Spectators spilling into or being pushed off the sidewalks and onto the roadway may not be seen, and limping away or worse from the parade because you got run over or bumped into is certainly not the best experience for anyone involved. And please, do not attempt to cross the streets or join the parade while it’s in progress! The end of the parade is marked by members of the Atlanta Police on motorcycles and a very mundane, undecorated car.

We value every single person involved with the parade—our participants who spend hours preparing and marching and all those who come to watch and support our parade. Please be safe and sane! Listen carefully and comply with requests from Dragon Con team members and the Atlanta Police. Practice courtesy and common sense while the parade is on the street and ENJOY!

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