Important Reminders About Participation in the Dragon Con Parade

Dragon Con reserves the right to exclude and/or remove participants that do not adhere to these participant guidelines:

  1. You must be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Member badges must be worn and visible on parade morning.
  2. You must be pre-registered with the Parade Team to march in the parade. Individuals and Group Contacts who registered for the parade must check in with the Parade Team either Thursday, 8/29, or Friday, 8/30, to confirm participation. The Parade Team table is located in the Sheraton, Lower Level, near the Capitol Ballrooms.
  3. Official Dragon Con sponsors are the only commercial entries allowed in the parade. Advertising any other businesses or services is prohibited. If you planned to promote your business or service in any way during the parade, including but not limited to displaying the business name and/or contact information, you must have a sponsorship agreement with Dragon Con in place before the convention starts.
  4. The only (non-human) animals allowed in the parade are properly identified Service Animals.
  5. The Dragon Con parade is a family friendly event and a “politics-free zone.” Please conduct yourselves accordingly. Behavior and/or costumes and props considered offensive will be removed from the parade.

We have a new route and a new staging area (for participants only). Please take all distributed participant information to heart. Be patient with us and each other, and follow the directions of Parade Team members and the Atlanta Police Department on parade morning.

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