’10 D*C News

The Desert of Souls

A Review of The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones

I received an advance reader’s copy of the forthcoming novel, The Desert of Souls (Thomas Dunne Books, February, 2011), by Dragon*Con guest Howard Andrew Jones for review. In addition to being a novelist, Howard Jones is also the Managing Editor of Black Gate magazine. Soldier Asim el Abbas and scholar Dabir ibn Khalil make an unlikely buddy match-up in this… Read more →

Star Trek World Record!

Dragon*Con has boldly gone where no one has gone before. Dragon*Con has broken the world record for the largest gathering of Star Trek costumes (pending confirmation). The current record was set at 543, and our initial count puts our attempt at 571. These numbers will be submitted to Guinness World Records for verification and authentication. Live long and prosper!

A Thank You Shout-Out to Dragon*Con Staff and LifeSouth

The Dragon*Con volunteer staff work very hard and are often unappreciated, so when the Daily Dragon received this shout-out request, we found it refreshing and inspiring. We hope you will too: Dragon*Con brings out the best in people, and the worst. I confess I am an example of the latter; regarding the best, I will explain: The setting was Thursday… Read more →

The Steampunk Exhibition at Dragon*Con 2010

The Steampunk Exhibition at Dragon*Con 2010

Steampunk, combining the elegance of the Victorian age with futuristic vision, has exploded as a subculture in recent years, generating a host of novels, comics, and movies that explore the “what if” world of a scientifically advanced nineteenth century. Drawing on modern vision and elegance of the era, Steampunk inventors and artists combine anachronistic elements with antique components and inventive… Read more →

Fans for Christ Church Service

Service will be held at the Days Inn Downtown Atlanta on Spring Street. Costumes are welcome and encouraged. Message theme is: “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” Refreshments served afterward. Come by our fan table for directions or info. Sun, 10AM, Meeting Room on L1 at the Days Inn

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2010

Join the (unofficial**) Dragon*Con 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt! Snap pictures of the Dragon*Con icons on our list, and you could win a $20 online gift card to ThinkGeek.com. Around Dragon*Con: 1. Picture of yourself receiving your Badge 2. Four people waiting in line doing the YMCA 3. Two people wearing the same t-shirt 4. Steampunk version of a non-Steampunk character*… Read more →