Dr. Amanda Faith

Award-winning author Amanda Faith may have been raised in Dayton, but her heart and home is in the South. With a lifelong love of teaching and writing, she had plenty of encouragement from teachers and friends along the way. Loving a good puzzle has always been a fascination, and writing gives her the outlet to put all the pieces together.

Being adventurous and loving to try new things, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves in unusual situations. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how they interact, taking them on journeys they would never have normally experienced.

Her current adventure working as a high school English professor turned Media Specialist, writing, and doing paranormal investigations doesn’t slow her down from having a great time with a plethora of hobbies. Her published credits include several short stories, poetry, several journal articles, her doctoral dissertation, and her award-winning book Strength of Spirit. With multiple degrees, she has a passion for learning and exploring new venues. She is a staff writer for The Daily Dragon at Dragon Con.

Check out her new website (www.amandafaith.net) or on Instagram (@dramandafaith)

Yule Ball Magic

The annual Yule Ball event apparated into the Imperial Ballroom at the Marriott on Saturday night. This Harry Potter-themed event was a ton of fun for all ages—at least until 10PM—as the DJ spun the top songs from the ’80s, ’90s, and now. This ball looked elegant, the room adorned with chandeliers, table decorations, and balloons. As soon as the… Read more →

Reading and Writing with BookTok

On Sunday morning at the Hilton Galleria 6, panel members Katharine E. Wibell, Jason Dorough, Emily Huffmann, and moderator Drew Baily discussed how TikTok has changed the publishing world and helped authors gain new audiences. The rise of TikTok has changed the publishing industry and created a worldwide community for readers and writers. BookTok is a TikTok subculture where book… Read more →

Sing Your Fandom

Sometimes you love a fandom so much, you just want to sing about it. Marc Gunn (M) and Mikey Mason headed up the fun panel “Songwriting Your Fandom: How to write songs inspired by pop culture,” Saturday morning in Hyatt Hanover FG as part of the Filk Track. Key ingredient: watch the shows. Sometimes, re-watching a show will spark that… Read more →

Back to the Belt: Lang Belta Level 2

The TV series The Expanse introduced Lang Belta, a Creole from space blending languages from all over Earth with a unique culture of the Belt. Hanne Madeleine Gates Paine (Iro) led this panel, “The Expanse: Learn Lang Belter—the language of the Belt (2nd Level),” Friday night in Marriott M301. Even though the series is complete, developing the language evolves and… Read more →

Bling Bling Baby!

Things need sparkle, that special bling that brings out the feeling of wow. This workshop, titled “Bling Bling Baby! It’s Easy!” and presented by vendor Quiltoni Saturday afternoon in AmericasMart2, was fun and easy to learn. Participants were asked to bring their own item to spruce up. You can sparkle things like t-shirts, pants, masks, or other articles of clothing…. Read more →

The Musical Talents of the Georgia Philharmonic

This is the seventh year the Georgia Philharmonic performed at Dragon Con. Each year, there has always been a level of barely-contained excitement to the anticipation of the arrangement that will be performed. Each year, we think that it can’t get any better. Each year we are wrong. It’s always better. This year was no exception. The Hyatt Centennial was filled to capacity Saturday night as people waited for the lights to… Read more →

The Magic of the Wand with Ollivander, Jr.

There was magic in the air at the Marriott A707 room Friday at 10AM. Eric Huffman (aka Garrick Ollivander, Jr.) presented the room with stories, pictures, and videos of 10 years of handing out precious wands to anyone that finds him. This labor of love all started with his dad, Garrick Ollivander. This kind and gentle soul was a man… Read more →

Singing with the Elf Choir

On Friday at 7PM, people of all ages and musical abilities gathered in the Hilton Crystal Ballroom for this panel, a mash-up of High Fantasy and reality. Kathleen Dallin, the lead of this panel, had the attendees separated by voice (Soprano, Alto, and Baritones) at the beginning. Two pieces of music were handed out. Although music training was not necessary… Read more →

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