Maya Gelting

How We See in Film: Exploring the Male and Female Gaze

Moderator Shellie Schmals began the panel “From Cape to Boots—Costuming in Film: Male vs. Female Gaze” on Friday at 1PM in Hyatt Piedmont with the question, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” She said, “I would love to have the superpower of being super rich.” Panelist Melissa Simpson answered that she would choose time travel because… Read more →

Interviews with the Beheaded

In early afternoon, the Headless Lounge was fairly quiet. The smallish room featured electric fans (courtesy of Furry Weekend America), a water station, and a curtained off area for patrons to change in and out of their costumes in private. Though the name may sound strange to some, the Headless Lounge was heavily requested among attendees wearing mascot-style costumes. The… Read more →

Oh, Filk!

Music is an industry requiring high levels of commitment and perseverance to achieve success. But as many musicians under a time crunch may have wondered, is it possible to complete this process in one day? Yes! Twice, actually.  This was demonstrated during Instafilk 2019, an event where panelists and the audience work together to create and record a filk piece… Read more →

The Musical Stylings of Steam Powered Giraffe

In twelve years of shows, The Spine has only snapped a guitar string three times. However, one of those times was Steam Powered Giraffe’s Friday night show here at Dragon Con  in Hyatt Centennial II–III. Don’t let that worry you, though! For these automatons, concerts don’t only consist of music, but of comedy improv and audience interaction. Steam Powered Giraffe… Read more →

Lucifer: Back from the Dead

Lucifer: Back from the Dead

Friday afternoon in Hyatt Regency VI–VII, Lucifer cast members Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez) and DB Woodside (Amenadiel) entered the stage to resounding cheers. They begin the panel by thanking these fans—the very ones whose passion brought back their beloved Lucifer back from the dead (or at least from cancellation). DB Woodside shares that “the support that we [the cast and… Read more →