Do Clothes Make the Alien?

Bill Moseley, best known for his movie/acting careers, made an appearance at Dragon*Con.  He said, “I was in a brutal fight scene, and I got distracted because I realized that I had a hole in my pants, and was worried about things being seen on film.”

He was in many films such as: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Chop-head, and House of a 1000 Corpses.

Jeremy Bulloch, an actor since the 60’s says, “If you’re going to be on the set for long periods of time, wear comfortable shoes because they will be the ones that you will be wearing during the whole movie, or it will not be good.  And if the shoes don’t fit or are uncomfortable, and you have already started wearing them during the filming you have no choice but to trudge on.”  Having been in many movies such as The Virgin & the Gypsy and Mary Queen of Scots and Star Wars as “Boba Fett,” Jeremy would know what he’s talking about.  He also said, “It is whether or not you can fit the costume, because if you can’t, then, oh well, you’re out.”

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