Drawing with Larry Elmore

Bright and Groggy in the morning, the Kids Track presented “Drawing With Larry Elmore.” It was a beginner’s guide to drawing the face, and the common errors people make. Step by step, his workshop taught the children in attendance (and old ones too), how to draw the face profile and another option using just shapes in the stead of lines…. Read more →

Dragon Concert Series: Sir Milard Mulch

Opening the night of fun was an underground band from Florida. Existential, sophomoric humor seemingly derived from the musical group Beck, permeated their lyrics and their repetitious musical thumpings. Three young men playing bass, lead guitars, and drums and two dressed as ‘bots did the “robot” to all their music is what equated to their band. Sadly all the energy… Read more →

Dragon Concert Series: Apollo Smile

Following the performance of Sir Millard Mulch and the witty segue by Claudia Christian, was the indomitable performer Apollo Smile. This was her third Dragon*Con attendance and she has gotten bigger and better rooms each time. Every year I have come to Dragon*Con I admired her from afar, she has a wealth of good karma and energy that seems that… Read more →

The History of David Prowse

Once upon a time, Dave Prowse wanted to be Mr. Universe. He was a contender, but was told once by a judge that he should give it up. When he inquired why, the judge told him that when the choice was between Prowse and another competitor, the other competitor had better feet. Instead of vainly attempting to bulk up his… Read more →

The Changing Role of Women in Film

Note: Only words in quotation marks are quotes. June Wilkinson of Batman, Linda Harrison of Planet of the Apes and Anne Lockhart of Battlestar Galactica addressed the issue of the changing roles of women in films. The actors made opening statements to the effect that women now have much more influence in the film and TV business than they had… Read more →

A Scenic Tour of Dragon*Con ’99

A meander through the Walk of Fame and the Exhibitor’s area in the Apparel Mart was like being in a somewhat surreal bazaar. I started at the Walk of Fame, where Apollo Smile had a HUGE line of (mostly male) fans waiting to meet her. Richard Hatch and Jack Stauffer of Battlestar Galactica, who have been friends for 30 years,… Read more →

An Hour with Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan had just left her home in Yugoslavia and moved to the United States when she filmed the pilot episode of Babylon 5. Shortly after that episode was aired, she attended her first Con in New York. Having been a successful actress in her homeland, she was unsure how the American fans would react to her. Mira was in… Read more →