Flying Through Time with Jefferson Starship

Thirty-five years of rock & roll hit the stage of the Centennial ballroom on Sunday night.  The only band to be nominated for a Science Fiction Hugo award, Jefferson Starship demonstrated that SciFi influence as well as their trademark San Francisco sound.   But the band wasn’t interested in demonstrating anything, or performing a normal concert.  Rather, they threw themselves… Read more →

Sunday Night Serendipity – The Crüxshadows

The only catch to my enjoyment of the Jefferson Starship concert was knowing that I was probably going to miss the Crüxshadows, scheduled in the Regency Ballroom the same night.  But, in typical Dragon*Con fashion, everything was late, so I clung to a wisp of hope. When I arrived, the darkened Regency room was clustered body-to-body, standing room only.  A… Read more →

Groundbreaking Fantasy With Poser5

3-Axis introduced Poser 5, the latest Poser release by Curious Labs, to an eager audience. This software renders 3D objects in an interactive environment for animation or 2D creation. A demonstration of its capabilities was conducted outside the art show by the Steve Cooper banner. Being new to Poser myself, I was amazed by the complexity of the textures and… Read more →

The Artist Reception

Dragon*Con 2002 is a good year for the art show so far. Approximately 3 months ahead of schedule, the art show was sold out. Seems that more bays and panels are available for show this year. Professional artists mingled with amateur artists to discuss tips and opinions with each other. It allowed the artists to tour the art show and… Read more →


Ghoultown gave a high energy, choreographed show. Their set included about 10 songs covered off their new and old album. Energy ripped through the crowd and created a mosh pit even during the slow song “Night of the Living Dead” and the occasional bad microphone work. Seems the plague of technical skill at sound boarding is persistent, but this didn’t… Read more →