’11 Blood Drive

Final 2011 Blood Drive Figures

Herein the Monday blood drive figures and the final numbers for the whole convention. Monday: 388 people attempted to give whole blood. 309 people successfully donated. 290 units of blood drawn, 848 units of blood processed. For the whole convention: Total People Registered: 3449 Total People Drawn: 2938 Total Units Drawn: 2754 Total Units Processed: 8039 That’s an almost 400-person… Read more →

Blood Drive Figures for Sunday

We’re so proud of y’all! 678 people attempted to give whole blood. 596 people successfully donated. 1,594 successful units of blood gathered. Our four-day total is 3,057 people! The blood drive is still open until 3PM. Go give them your precious bodily fluids in A701, A702, A708 (Marriott).

Blood Drive Figures for Saturday

Our numbers are continuing to smash last year’s, but we’re slowing down! Keep on bleeding!  615 people attempted to give whole blood. 494 people successfully donated. 1,193 successful units of whole blood gathered. Our three-day total is 2,379 people!  

Blood Drive Figures for Friday

We are smashing last years numbers! Dragon*Con people are the best bleeders! 878 people attempted to give whole blood. 777 people successfully donated resulting in 2,249 units of blood gathered. 752 successful whole blood gathered. Our two-day total is 1764 people! Y’all rock. Keep it up!

Blood Drive Figures for Thursday

Thursday figures are in. Y’all did amazing! 886 people attempted to give whole blood. 735 people successfully donated resulting in 2,200 units of blood gathered. 678 successful whole blood units gathered. Thursday’s one-day total was 886 people! For comparison: our previous one-day total was 560 people! Keep it up!

Volunteers Needed for this Year’s Blood Drive!

The Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive at Dragon*Con last year collected 7,200 units of blood product from 2,900 donors! We hope to increase that this year but we need your help! The blood drive needs about eight people for 4-5 hours to help us give out Heinlein Blood donor ribbons and t-shirts. Email: (alankoslow@gmail.com) alankoslow (at) gmail (dot) com.

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