’11 Charity Events

Dragon*Con 2011 Charity Auction

Up for auction at this Dragon*Con: Gold Leaf Special Edition Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Only 100 copies of this book were produced. Originally only given to members of Paizo’s staff at the time of product launch. This copy has been autographed by of the fine folks at Paizo Publishing.  Sun, 10AM Regency V, Hyatt. At the Silent Auction, Sun 8AM, Galleria,… Read more →

Ensure Children with Disabilities Do Not Sit on the Sidelines: Vote for the National Inclusion Project in Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Challenge

The National Inclusion Project is this year’s Dragon*Con charity beneficiary. Please help them earn a $50,000 “Refresh Everything Challenge” grant from Pepsi where the top ten organizations, by vote, each receive a $50,000 grant at the end of the month! We have only ten days left, and we’ve slipped into 11th place (one away from getting the grant). You can… Read more →

2011 Charity Event: Stargate and Star Trek Tracks Present Carnival Night

Support the National Inclusion Project while having a blast with all your favorite games! This year, the Stargate Multiverse Track has partnered with the Star Trek Track to bring you a bigger, better games night and dance party combination. Stop by carnival stations with midway games, card games, and board games themed to the evening. Join your favorite team to… Read more →

The National Inclusion Project Needs You!

The National Inclusion Project has been named as the 2011 Beneficiary of Dragon*Con Charity Events. Please help it earn a $50,000 “Refresh Everything Challenge” grant from Pepsi right now! The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them. NIP partners with communities and inclusive programs creating awareness about… Read more →