2020 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

2020 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

Best Television Show: Eric Engler, Disney Princess Klinger, “M*A*S*H” Best Fantasy: Jo Sharpton, Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter series Most Appropriate: Katherine Kneece, Dragon Con Blue Postcard Staff Favorite: Wendy & Willow,  Jasmine & Rose Cosplay, Don’t Starve Together Best Overall, 3rd Place: Jesse McCullough, Stan Lee the FedEx Guy, Captain America: Civil War Best Overall, 2nd Place: Clara Smith, Winnifred… Read more →

The World of Bitter Root

On Monday at noon, the Fan Track channel featured a panel about the Eisner Award-winning comic book Bitter Root. Moderator Van Allen Plexico interviewed David F. Wilson and Sanford Greene, two of the book’s creators. Plexico opened the discussion by asking his guests to explain what Bitter Root is about. Wilson replied that the series opens in 1924, during the… Read more →

It’s the End of the World! Or Is It?

It’s 2020 and humanity is still standing. For decades, storytellers have imagined and reimagined the doom of society and the world. An intrepid group of panelists convened on-screen at Dragon Con Goes Virtual on Saturday at 12AM, Fan Track channel, to chat about “Sci-Fi Apocalypses We Avoided So Far.” Moderator J.C. De La Torre led the discussion with input from… Read more →

Award-Winning and Bestselling Authors

Writers often hope to reach that coveted status of award-winning or bestseller. Authors Jody Lynn Nye, Robert J. Sawyer, John Scalzi, and Tamsin Silver discussed elements of fantastic stories and their top tips for new writers Monday at 9AM on the Fan Tracks channel. While there is no recipe, there are some key characteristics that typically appeal to readers. For… Read more →

The Humble and Funny Eddie McClintock, Esq.

A fan favorite, Eddie McClintock, Esq., was on the Main Track Saturday at 10:30PM. Lee was the moderator and has built a friendship with McClintock over the past 11 years he has been to the Con. McClintock will celebrate 20 years sober on January 1st. Even with being in quarantine, he is still able to attend virtual AA meetings. This… Read more →

“Does Art Inform Science?”

“Does Art Inform Science?”

Sunday at 10PM, the Science Track YouTube channel streamed the “Science and Art” panel. Moderator Lali DeRosier and panelists Charon Henning and Celia Yost debated not only how science informs art, but proved, in this observer’s opinion, that art also informs science. Beginning with the contrast of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with STEAM (adding an ”A” for “Art”), Henning,… Read more →

2020 Masquerade Winners

Youth under 6: Clara Smith, Rainbow Brite Youth over 6: Keeley Jones, Roadhog from Overwatch Best Mashup: Stephen Willis, SuperMandalorian Best Videogame: Yugiri315, Alucard Best Fantasy: Amber Bray, Jester Lavorre from Critical Role Best Infomercial: Bryan & Becky Noyes, Toothless and Hiccup Best Comic: Corey Infinger, The Spider (Spider-Man 1602) Best Novice: Ali, Brett, Abby, Clare, Johnny, Paul, Bedazzled Family… Read more →

Missions and Memories: Star Trek: Voyager at 25

Star Trek: Voyager first aired on the United Paramount Network (UPN) in January 1995. As the flagship show of a brand-new network, Voyager came to be the most successful series to premier with the network, lasting seven seasons. Voyager veteran and Trek Track Director Garrett Wang (Ensign Kim) welcomed long time colleagues, shipmates, and friends Robert Beltran (Commander Chakotay), Robert… Read more →